Article Writing

Finding a professional writer to author an article serves many purposes and can provide a number of benefits to your business or professional reputation.  Writing an article is more involved than just sitting down in front of a keyboard and pounding out something that seems like it reads well. Most articles, written for consumer or trade publications, must be provided to that publication in a particular style. Those style requirements, such as AP style, are very specific and beyond the capabilities of an inexperienced writer.

Management of paragraphs and sentence structure, the use of words commonly understood by the audience for that article and the use of subheadings are all elements that a professional writer will consider. Ignoring these considerations will result in an article that is hard to read, uninteresting or a disaster in the eyes of the magazine’s editor.

The benefits of a well-written article for a magazine, or even for a newsletter, are numerous. The article often declares that the author is an expert on that topic. The article can generate good will and get positive attention for the company. It can be a form of free advertising, reaching a large audience in many cases. In the best case scenario, the article can provide real tangible benefits to its readers by providing valuable takeaways.  It can help build the brand and image of a company or an executive.

At SCRIBERIS, we are article-writing experts. We understand the style requirements of national and local publications. We can ghost-write an article and make you look good. As remote writers, we are your remote writing solution. Contact us today and tell us about your ideas.