Forget the “SEO Writer;” write for Humans

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It really is amazing how many projects for writers are still labeled “Need an SEO writer.”  The premise is that the writer constructs all their writing with a certain keyword density and other considerations that are designed for bots, not humans.

The error in this thinking is that Google has pointed out several times that their algorithm rewards content that is designed for humans. This flies in the face of the approach that is still practiced by these “SEO writers.”  Why are they, and the people who hire them, living in the past?

Much of the problem began when a small group of people, who claimed to be superstar copy writers, sold lots of people costly workshops, video series and seminars on their copy writing “secrets.”  If you were to challenge any of these copy writing superstars to show examples of work they had done for major companies, and to show scientific proof of revenue gains resulting from their writing, they would surely give you a vague answer.  That’s because there is no proof. Their real “secret” was making millions off of unfounded promises.

Despite this, the myth of the SEO writer and the incredible results of their secret approach lives on. If you have ever attempted to read what these people write; their contrived, word-stuffing, poor-excuse-for-writing, then you would know that it is not human-friendly.

Good writing, the kind that does work well for SEO, is writing that is engaging and beneficial to a reader. It is relevant and often offers take-aways that leave the site visitor with useful knowledge.
Google’s algorithm rewards websites with this human-friendly writing just as it should.

The Internet is used by humans for information and entertainment. The bots only exist because they serve a useful purpose, but that purpose isn’t to be the end consumer of web content.

That is reserved for humans. Don’t make the copy writing superstar SEO mistake; write for humans.