Freelance writing for small business

Many companies use freelance writers to extend their internal resources or bring specialized talent to a project. Freelance writing is a profession served by a host of players of varying levels of expertise. A Google search of freelancers will produce hundreds of pages of results; some skilled and some completely unqualified. When it comes to business writing, financial writing, PR writing, biography or article writing, or a host of other specialties, a writer is a writer is not a truism. With the employment rolls hit by economic factors and a tough environment for business, there are more people seeking the freelance lifestyle.

The existence of a plethora of unqualified freelance writers is particularly harmful to small business owners, who often have limited marketing budgets.  When every word of copy must count and have the potential to bring in new customers, bad copy with no call to action, can leave a small business owner in hot water. Just as bad is when a small business owner needs to find a small business grant and hires an inexperienced writer to seek funding. This holds true also when a business plan must be constructed. A bad roadmap means that someone will end up in a place that was not the intended destination. Maybe it’s just a tagline that will appear on everything from a business card to a web page. That tagline requires professional attention and the consequences of insufficient experience can have a real cost in lost revenues and brand failure.

There are other times that a small business owner simply wants some articles written for a newsletter. A well-written newsletter can reward customers and prospective customers with engaging, informative articles.  Those articles can enhance the business’s reputation and brand in the minds of readers.  Poorly written articles can have the opposite impact.

When you hire a writer, make sure you hire a pro.  SCRIBERIS is the small business owner’s friend and resource.