Hitting the First Page – SEO based on what we know

If your website does not reach the upper portion of the top page in search results, your hopes for online success based on organic search is a pipe dream. Few searchers go beyond these top results of searches. Statistics find that nearly 90% of searchers click on the first page results.

What does this mean for your business website? If you rely on the Internet for sales, you might be out of business if you are not achieving these enviable spots in search results. In the past, the variables programmed into the Google algorithm were mostly a mystery. Today, we have some idea of at least part of what the Google bots are returning with. We know that quality writing is a big key. We know that providing a web visitor with some value is important. We know that making your information truly relevant and without questionable techniques is beneficial.

The emphasis on quality and regular writing is undeniable. It is at the very core of good SEO and better search rankings. The intuitive nature of a well planned website also is a key factor. Internal linking that makes a site visitor’s time productive is factored in also. Much of this reflects the need for professional content writing. High quality content writing will appeal to many elements of the Google algorithm.