SCRIBERIS Publishing

SCRIBERIS, LLC is the exclusive publisher of the upcoming children’s chapter book series of Pochi Was Here. The first book will find Pochi in the land of the rising sun, learning all about Japan.

Not only will Pochi learn about Japan, but readers will join Pochi on his adventure and learn Japanese words and phrases, points of interest and destinations and interesting facts about Japan.

The second book in the Pochi series finds Pochi having an adventure in the Land Down Under; Australia.

The book is currently in the illustration phase and is expected to be released soon. Check the website for more information

Watch for “Please Be Nice to Old People” and The Terrible Insects; both titles being released by SCRIBERIS, LLC publishing.

Also watch for “The Road to Wealth for the Average Person.” This is a guide for Millennials and Gen-Z to put them on the road to wealth creation and good personal finance skills.