What kind of financial writing do we do?

A few words about the financial writing we provide:

We are a player in the financial writing space. It may be instructive to those who are considering hiring us to understand what we do and what we don’t do.

We DON’T write stock analysis reports, investment research, technical or fundamental analysis of equities or our recommendation for the next micro-cap winner. We don’t do write-up’s on an individual equity or company.

We DO write for advisors and their retail client audience as well as the institutional audience. We can distill complex topics into understandable terms for your clients, investors, savers or retirement plan participants. We can talk about how a particular financial product or financial concept works. We can write about global or domestic economics. We can talk about things that affect consumers or investors. We can write about retirement planning and retirement plans. We can target the retail investor with a simple explanation or we can address the institutional crowd using the jargon they understand.

We write articles, web content, marketing collateral, engagement standards, newsletter articles, blog posts and social media updates. Our work is compliance-friendly.

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