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Imagine the myriad hats that a small business owner must wear as they try to get their business off the ground, making profits and gaining some market share.  Maybe you are that small business owner. There is accounting, marketing, maybe HR, sales and service, all of which have to be handled efficiently and professionally for your business to thrive.

The problem is; most small business owners just don’t have time to be expert in every area.  Also, there just aren’t enough hours in a day. As a means for enlisting some help, you can hire a CPA to handle the numbers crunching, an outsourced HR business to handle employee issues, (if you have employees), and maybe a promotional company to help with display ads and other advertising.

That still leaves a void in one important area; and it is an area that is absolutely crucial to get right. You have to hire a professional writer to handle several facets of your business. Outsourcing your writing, or contracting with a writer to handle your writing needs, is often overlooked because a small business owner has no idea where to turn. 

Hire a Writer
Hiring a writer for your small business helps to ascertain that your website content is professional and effective. Your website is an important part of building your brand. Making certain that the written content engages your site visitors and sells your product or service is something that you have to get right. There is marketing collateral also.  The writing on your flyers and brochures helps to cement your image and brand in your customers and prospective customers minds. It needs to sell, but it also needs to paint a mental picture of your business and make clear the benefits of your product or service.

When you need a press release written, you need a professional contracted writer to construct the release in the most effective way so it gets results. It is a part of your PR campaign. Small business owners also rely on a good writer to develop an impressive biography about them or the business.  That bio will be used again and again.

Building your Brand with SCRIBERIS
SCRIBERIS fills that void for the small business owner. We are a contracted writing service that gets it.  We can handle your writing needs as you tend to the day-to-day responsibilities that come with running a business.  When you realize you need to hire a writer, make certain to build your brand successfully, and hire SCRIBERIS.  There is really only one chance to get it right and establish your brand as the one to do business with. Hire a writer for your small business and let us do what we know best.

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